Forex broker? Let’s talk automation!

 Ok, so you are a forex broker and want to kick some serious butt this year. Heck, forget about just kicking butt, if you are really lucky, be the competition that everyone envies. Sound about right huh? Yes it does.

So how does a broker, with all the passion, motivation and desire to be the best become the competition when every step forward takes you three steps backward? Simple.

Automation. Automation. Automation. Here’s why.

Your market pangs are the same for all other brokers out there. The rest are in denial. It’s your return on investment (ROI) that makes or breaks. Sounds pretty obvious but most are still not able to get the numbers right and thus the industry finds itself in the state it’s in.

The facts: 60% of your leads on average are unusable. Cost-per-lead ranges from $10-38, conversion rates are a measly 3-5% and cost-per-acquisition is sitting pretty at $1,200 on average globally. Wink… wink… We’ve been very generous here.

This is what you need to do next.

Leave the technical jargon, automation and “smart stuff” to us. Take an off the self solution, plug-and-play without disrupting your current operations and sit tight whilst our trading platform OSYSFX does all the heavy lifting for you.

Expect an almost immediate decrease in all the bad numbers and a surprise increase in all the good ones. Couldn’t have been simpler.

Now, the only real question here is what are you waiting for? You’ve really got nothing to loose… Besides your current market share to those that embraced the future.

See us at booth 53 at this year’s IFXEXPO. If you are smart, you’ll twist our arms for a nice deal over a drink at the opening party- we make no promises.


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